Client results

New program and 40 high-ticket clients
- Rita, Career Coach

Results that truly exceeded my expecatations
 - Donatas, Startup Coach

12 high-ticket clients in 3 months 
- Santa, MKSinterior

10 new clients daily for my program
- Inara, “Vingro & Nūjo”

Secured a 300k+ within the first 8 weeks
- David, Squaredspace 

Helped improve sales
- German, Meilleur Media

Getting leads for less than €5 each
- Pedro 

Doubled Our revenue
- Ernests, Electric GoKart Hall

Two New Clients and Excellent Collaboration
- Elly Schaffer

Attracted 10 Clients in Only 26 Days
- Tomas Rousek, Xtend Design

More Than 50+ New Customers
- Elvis, HQ Chipperparts

Earned €3500 in The First Month
- Egija, Financial Coach

In 9 months generated 861 qualified leads
- Vladimir, Volko Engineering Ltd.

3 new clients in 21 days
- Martin, M.S. Projects

21 days to get first 2 clients 
- Alvaro 

30% growth year over year
- Janis, College of Business Administration

50 new clients in 3 months
- Elvis, HQ Chipper Parts

40'000 EUR from new clients in 1 month
- Normunds, Terrace

atleast 1 New Client Every single day
- Eva, ''Eat, Move, Live''

Great start for our new business 
- Raimond, car rental

Hundreds of interested leads a month
- Marita, Beauty services

New steam of B2B and B2C Clients
- Justin & Maris, Altas IT

100 new clients in less than 4 months
- Raivis, Video Ad Production

Team that delivers real results (unlike others)
- Jose Manuel

Got my first deal closed In Just a Few Days
- Ilze, interior designer

Loved working with them
- Rita, Transformation Guide

New Client Attraction System Implemented
- Inga, Vingrs

Automated & Systemized her business
- Ineta Meldere, Training program

Got to our first €15'000
- Lana, European Hit Radio

 Doubled revenue in the first 3 months
- Oskars Zapackis, MyEMS